Tempting Heat
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Tempting Heat by Sara Whitney

“Will you sleep with me?”
 At her words, the blanket slipped from his fingers. “Oh my God, not that." Her cheeks burned. "I just mean the same bed. For warmth." Tom Castle spent years in love with his best friend’s girl. Not that uncommon, really; they even write songs about it. Then she blamed him for her ugly breakup, and they parted as enemies. Suuuper awkward years later, then, when a blizzard traps him with the woman he never expected to see again—more beautiful than ever and still too angry to look him in the eyes. Finn Carey’s horrified to be stuck with the man who hurt her so badly years ago. At first she does her best to ignore him and all the old emotions he stirs up, but when the power goes out, she suddenly needs Tom’s body heat to help keep her alive. Funny how it takes a blizzard to melt away all their secrets.
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