Tempted Beyond Relief
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Tempted Beyond Relief by Christa Wick

How would I describe the stubborn woman? That’s easy. She’s strong, selfless, sexy as hell…and mine. Wylie: She’s done a bang-up job hiding her past from everyone with that tough exterior of hers, but she can’t hide forever. And the more I get to know every facet of Rhea, learn every vulnerability, experience every hot fantasy, the more I’m certain of who she really is. Rhea: I know he wants to break down my walls. I get it, because he’s built them around his heart, too. Wylie and I, we’re not that different; he knows all about sacrifice and duty—to others, to our past. That’s probably why we’re both such control freaks at work, and in life in general. So how do I feel about him being so darn bossy in bed? Ha! Get a court order and I’ll give up the answer. Previously published as Dirty Sweet Curves (c) 2015, revised throughout with newly added content and an extended ending. Forever Kind of Curves: Opposites Attract Collection Tempted Beyond Relief (Wylie & Rhea) His Curvy Temptation (Declan & Melanie) Yours to Tempt (Lorne & Heather)
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