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Temptation in the Highlands by Kenna Kendrick

No one can escape their fate, no matter how hard they try to… Julia Bradford knew what misery meant better than anyone. The passing of her late father left a gap in her heart, and the appearance of an unwanted marriage only made matters worse. There was only one choice for her; she ought to escape any way she could. But being an English lady alone in the vast Highlands can only bring trouble, even if that is finding your soulmate. Calum MacLean was a laird on the brink of absolute catastrophe. He and his clan had been through havoc that couldn't be mended no matter the attempts he made. Only a miracle could save him… But sometimes, miracles can appear in the shape of a beautiful and mysterious English woman who seems to hold all the answers. Only that there is something amiss. Julia might be the loveliest woman he has ever set eyes upon, but she is keeping secrets. Secrets that can turn their life upside down in an instant... How will Julia save the MacLean clan? And how will Calum manage to protect her from her past? She was running for her life until he showed her how to live... *If you like brawny Highland warriors with a soft heart, and romantic stories depicting the majestic and mysterious Scottish Highlands, then Temptation in the Highlands is the perfect novel for you. Kenna Kendrick, lets us take part in a thrilling story with a gripping plot, all against the background of the hypnotic land called Scotland. Are you ready for it? "Temptation in the Highlands" is a Historical Scottish romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). STANDALONE, No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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