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Fleur Anthousai, a curvy earth witch, has known since birth that she has a destiny to fulfill. Too bad nobody told her what it was. She hopes her friends, the Wolfe pack of Blue Creek, might have finally pointed her in the right direction when she’s invited to the multi-pack scenting ceremony. Surely, becoming a wolf mate will set her on the path to understanding her own prophecy. Steele Zeleny is a green warrior dragon and he’s damn good at protecting the world from the darkness that is the demon dragons, all while romancing the pants off any and all the ladies. All bets are off when a shard of his soul demands that the curviest, sexiest little flower of a witch is his true mate. Fleur’s destiny and Steele’s soul are more important to the fate of the world than either of them know. This book in part was previously published as Sassy Ever After: Sass Me. The new version has all new scenes and is now a full-length novel! Here's a FREE preview of from Tease Me for especially for you! This was the stupidest effing idea ever. Skintight pants that tore off at the hips, nothing but suspenders above the waist, and a goddamn fireman’s hat. “Wooo hooo. Honey, take it off.” A slightly older woman who was definitely the alpha female in the room whooped at them. Steele leaned to the side to speak so only Daxton could hear. He fought to fake a smile for the ladies, but couldn’t quite manage it, which was unusual. He’d always been able to charm the pants off any woman, anytime he liked. His dragon wanted nothing to do with any of these ladies. Weird. The dragon part of him loved flirting, especially with beautiful women. Their soft luscious curves, the way they moaned when he licked them from head to toe, the way they came on his d!ck. Just not any of these screaming meamies. “I’m going to kill you for talking me into wearing these costumes. You’ll be a dragonskin rug in front of my fireplace come winter.” “You can murder me later. The Troika boys asked for our help. We might as well have some fun while we’re doing it.” Dax had his eyes on the rowdy red head waving dollar bills like a lasso. He always did go for the brash and bawdy types. Two minutes after they’d walked into the speak-easy, Konstatin Troika jumped at the chance of having two dragon warriors around. A pre-mating party, he’d called it, and promised a room full of horny women, who didn’t need to know they were being guarded. Steele didn’t mind protecting the women while on his R&R. Combining work hard and play hard together was his specialty. The Troika boys wanted the unmated women, who were here for the special three-pack mating get together, to have extra security. They just didn’t want their mates knowing about it. What Kosta hadn’t said was that Steele and Dax were the entertainment. Thank the First Dragon, Dax stepped forward and in-to the crowd of women all stuffed into this snack-sized apartment. They surrounded him with hoots and hollers sounding to him more like a pack of wolves than hu-mans. At least half of them were shifter she-wolves, anyway. Two women grabbed Steele’s arms and pulled him into their circle, too, sliding their bodies up and down his, running their hands over his bare chest. Their touches did nothing for him but send a few creepy crawlies up his skin. What the hell was wrong with him? This was the perfect opportunity. Beautiful women were literally begging him to take his clothes off, and he couldn’t be less interested. Steele had every intention of getting laid at least a couple dozen times on his week off, but maybe not all on the same night. These women were crazy and weren’t doing it for him at all. Which was worrying. He hadn’t been turned off since he’d hit puberty. These last few years an effing house-plant could turn him on. Time to get his groove-thang on. ~~~ To read more grab your copy of Tease Me now!
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