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Tea with Monsters by Kimberly Forrest

Greenlawn Hall is hiding something… But will uncovering the story of a lifetime cost this journalist her life? Journalist Ashley Ryan has reached celebrity status with her hit television show Tea with Monsters, and while she’s proud of her accomplishments, she’s craving a new challenge. A chance encounter with a woman that bears a striking resemblance to a movie star the world believes dead piques her curiosity and reinvigorates her drive. The hunt for the perfect story… This was why she became a journalist. Following the woman home, however, may prove the biggest mistake of her life. Greenlawn Hall is steeped in mystery, protected by a guardian sworn to keep the estate safe from outsiders. A Lazar Panther has managed to contain the secrets of the supernaturals living within these walls for over two hundred years and Adrian Lazar will be damned if they’re exposed on his watch. It doesn’t matter that Ashley Ryan calls to his panther with her quick wit and determination, there is too much at stake for him to be distracted by this unfortunate attraction. After all, the monsters inside Greenlawn aren’t the only creatures watching…
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