Tangled Up In You
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Tangled Up In You by Lara Ward Cosio


"Gavin and Sophie's chemistry dripped from the pages from the very beginning and the twists and turns their relationship took, had me desperate to stay with them until the end." Amazon reader

In the years since Sophie broke his heart by leaving Dublin, Gavin has tried to forget her. Tried to focus instead on living it up on tour as the lead singer of his band Rogue, savoring every performance, party, and pretty fan. Even so, he can't help but feel that something is missing.
So when Sophie walks into the band's backstage after-party in Los Angeles, he's instantly overtaken by a rush of memories. Memories of how he got blissfully lost in her. Memories of how only she could soothe his tortured soul. Memories of just how much he needed her. She was his everything. Separating had been devastating.
Now, there's a second chance to reconnect. Easy, right? Not exactly. They're not teenagers in school anymore. Life has gotten complicated since then. Their hearts may still be tangled up in each other, but he'll need to get out of his own way to win her back. And even then, can they survive the temptations of his wild rock n' roll world? 

"A powerful, gritty, raw, rock star romance you don't want to miss!" Amazon reader

Tangled Up In You is a second-chance rock star romance full of addictive angst. Gavin and Sophie's epic love story starts here and continues through the now complete Rogue Series.

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