Taming the Beast
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Taming the Beast by Alexia Chase


Taming the Beast is an Alexia Chase novel based on the first of five Billionaires who have made a pact to leave Las Vegas to live as ordinary men in the Midwest.

Maverick and Ember's story is an opposites attract, insta-attraction novel between a billionaire tattoo artist and a college student.

Maverick’s heart is closed off as tight as a bank vault. Ember has been jerked around by the people she should have been able to depend upon the most.

Can two people who have had nothing go their way find a happily ever after? Or will fate dictate a future with more of the same?


Her parents have controlled every aspect of her life – including manipulating the romantic aspects of her life. She’s ready to break free, but is it that easy?


Maverick is a beast – sex is paid for or because someone wants something from him. He’s tired of the never-ending nightlife of Las Vegas and yearns for the oblivion of living a normal life as a tattoo artist.

A simple bet leads Ember to Maverick’s tattoo chair. Will they rise from the ashes and take flight? Or will they flame out before anything begins?

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?

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