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TAMING JAMES by Shayne Ford


Rain and James's love rises from the ashes.

*This is the conclusion of James and Rain's story for now."

Their epic love story continues in Loving James ( Night of the Kings 12) and Craving James (Night of the Kings 13). For the best reading experience, all Night of the Kings books should be read in order.


Larger than life, the men of the Night of the Kings Saga have swoon-worthy stories that span over 18+ books.
Their stories respect a timeline, and therefore should be read in order for the best reading experience.
Currently, there are four stories within the Night of the Kings Saga, more to come in the future.
HEA at the end of each story.

The Night of the Kings Series is now available in store. --> https://amzn.to/2eFJ4OD

JAMES' BOOKS (Book 1 to 3)
EDWARD'S BOOKS ( Book 7 to 11)
JAMES' BOOKS (Book 12 and 13)
TIAGO'S BOOKS (Book 14 to 18)


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