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Tall Dark Stranger by Patricia Watters

BOOK 1: CAJUN COWBOY SERIES – Six months after his fiancée's declared missing and presumed drowned, Joe Broussard's stunned to find her 150 miles from home with no memory of him. Anne has no reason to believe the man claiming to be her fiancé is not telling the truth because she gave birth to a son and has no idea who the father is, which has haunted her from the moment she found herself in a homeless shelter with no memory of who she was or how she got there. But when she returns to once-familiar surroundings and fragments of memory begin to surface, unexpected passion blooms… until Anne's parents intervene with a court order to become the baby's legal guardians. Can Joe pull Anne from the grip of her rich and powerful family, or will they destroy their relationship and fuel a multi-generational feud? LEVEL OF SENSUALITY: If you're looking for steamy romances you'll find instead sexy stories in a non-graphic way. My goal is to create romances that feature courageous, self-assured heroes with endearing flaws and the gutsy women who capture their hearts, women, these unsuspecting cowboys would lay down their lives for. ABOUT THE SERIES: The books in the Cajun Cowboys series are intended to be read in sequence as each book moves forward in time. I invite you to visit my website and read about future books in the series, which is set in southwest Louisiana's prairie country where Cajun cowboys have been raising cattle since their Acadian ancestors registered the first brands back in the 1700s. AUTHOR'S NOTE: In this story cultural and spiritual issues are involved. However, my goal is not to convert anyone to anything, but to convince readers that Joe and Anne belong together. A special thanks to Renee Prince for her personal story with a wild hawk and her description of her spiritual awakening while in the presence of the hawk, which she believes saved her life when it was out of control. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Dissociative Fugue amnesia is a disorder that affects one in two-thousand people. Sometimes the condition lasts only a few hours. Other times it can run into years. Recovery can come in fragments or memory can return spontaneously. In Tall Dark Stranger, I tried to portray the disorder as accurately as possible.
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