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Talented by S.E. MacCready

They made her the perfect superhuman. She was never meant to be a hero. Talents are inhumanly fast, and incredibly strong. Each one wields a unique ability, but together, they are the Talented. As a team of ten superhumans, they watch over the frail and the innocent. The military wants to control them. Crowds adore them. But perfection comes at a cost: their memories. Cameran Monroe is the strongest of the Talents, but she soon discovers how different she really is. Resurfacing memories hint at her lost past. Memories she isn't supposed to have. Memories about life as a young mechanic, who never chose to be Talented. To find the truth about what she is, Cameran must fight against the abilities taking over her body. But with each truth she uncovers, she grows weaker, and must race against the unreliability of her own mind.