Taken by Her Prince
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Taken by Her Prince by B. B. Hamel


I broke her to pieces.
And I’ll put her back together.

Colleen Colley got caught in the crossfire.

When I saw that sweet thing lying on the ground, I knew I couldn’t leave her there. So I took her home and nursed her back to health.

With a fat padlock on the bedroom door.

My crew’s moving in on the Irish mafia, and my sweet little princess is the Boss’s niece. I can’t let her go, not now that I have her.

So once I fix her body, I’ll make sure she never wants to leave.

Except she’s got a rebellious streak and a temper the size of Texas. She thinks she can fight back, but it only makes me want her more.

In the end, she’ll come to me. And when she does, I’ll make her deepest, darkest, filthiest dreams come true.

The next book in the Leone Crime Family! Steven and Colleen get their story, and it’s really steamy-- and really exciting! If you loved alpha mobsters and the girls that can’t stay away from them, this book is for you. As always, there is no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA guaranteed. Enjoy! XO BB

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