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Take Your Shot by Ria Zen

He's the flaw in her plan with Mr. Perfect. Benji They say opposites attract, like hot and cold, or in my case... clean and dirty. With my plumbing ticket and heading closer to the big three-oh, I thought I came to grips with being single. That is, until I met the gorgeous, pale, icy blonde nurse who threw a wrench in my plans. Her name is Hannah, an angel to everyone except me. Don’t hit on the nurse, she’s nothing but trouble. Especially when your Indian mother has arranged other plans. Oh, I’m in sh*t—both literally and figuratively, only this time I have to figure out how to make my situation less messy. Hannah There’s always that one patient that gets under your skin... His name is Benji and he’s a disease. It’s like he has nothing better to do in this Canadian town than poke fun at me. Hey, I’m not the fool who ended up in the ER twice on the same day. I have this detailed checklist for attractive qualities in a gentleman, but now that I’ve met this unbearably handsome (emphasis on the unbearable) tradesman, I need to steer clear of that foul-mouthed plumber if I want to settle for Mr. Perfect.
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