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Take Hold of Me by Arell Rivers

She has a body that needs guarding. He has the muscle to do it … but he’s turned his back on that life. And her. Wills Sumner wants a fresh start after years as an A-List bodyguard. Watching his partners die on their last job cemented his belief that he’s toxic. So, with the money from that soul-crushing assignment, he embarks on a new life. Everything would be perfect if only the French beauty Emilie Dubois would lose his number. After a decade as a supermodel, Emilie’s career needs a makeover. So her agency devises a PR stunt—hire a bodyguard to make her look more relevant. And she knows the perfect guy for the job, the only man who ever made her heart race. No matter that he currently is as radio silent as a mime on the Champs- Élysées. Wills lets down his defenses to do one final job. When it’s over, Emilie refuses to let him walk away and forces him to face his deepest fears. His journey leads him to discover there are some things he can’t protect her from—including himself. Yet Emilie is battling with her own demons. When both are stripped bare, will they decide love isn’t worth the danger, or beg the other to Take Hold of Me? Arell’s Rivers’ fifth book, the full-length novel Take Hold of Me, is the fourth installment in The Hold Series, following characters met in the series’ opener, No One to Hold. Here’s what readers say about No One to Hold: “I love rockstar romance and this book didn't disappoint!!” “Loved the story line and characters were fabulous.” “This a refreshing rockstar romance that has a unique storyline.” “I'm in love with this story.” “This made me want to work for a rock star.” “I was drawn in by the suspense and passion the author created in an engaging storyline that kept me guessing.”
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