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Sympathy for the Devil by Christine Pope

Heaven is a step away…until it all goes to Hell in a handbasket. Ruling Hell isn’t all that much fun anymore. With humans so adept at corrupting themselves, frankly, the Devil is bored and ready to do anything for a change of scenery. Predictably, God’s got a catch: Lucifer must fall in love, and the woman in question must surrender her heart. A woman has even been pre-selected for him, ripe and ready for picking, so how hard can it be? A little charm, a little magic, and Heaven will be his. Luke Nicolini is everything Christa Simms — any woman, really — dreams about. Deep blue eyes, knee-melting smile, divine Cosmo-making skills. Then there’s that instant teleportation thing, and his refreshing honesty about who he is. The mystery? Why the Devil, who could have anything, anyone he wants, would look twice at her — ordinary, unremarkable Christa Simms. But it’s her birthday, she’s alone, and if the Devil wants to show her a good time, she’s in. But even the best of intentions can turn the road to love into a slippery slope. And when Luke goes one step too far, love — and Heaven — could slip forever beyond his reach. Revised and updated in October 2019.