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Losing a mother is not easy. Finding out she had been murdered is devastating. Fern Welles, a sheriff in Nebraska, receives word that his mother had passed suddenly. He rushes back home to Colorado Territory, and what he finds there is beyond his wildest nightmares. His mother had not simply passed. She had been murdered. In cold blood. The sheriff is sworn to vengeance. Mayor Blank and Judge Cornne are two men who are not what they seem. The horrors they had caused in search of wealth and power haunt Sebree, the hometown of Fern’s mother. As the twin evils of the mayor and the judge amass more and more power, flooding the town of Sebree with criminals, tragedy unfolds with each passing day for the townsfolk. Fern is prepared to do anything and whatever it takes to save his townsfolk, and exact revenge for his mother. Will Fern have his vengeance? Or will he join his mother in the ground before his time?