Sword-Crossed Lovers
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Sword-Crossed Lovers by Gemma Blackwood

With her family facing bankruptcy, Cassandra Whitby does the only thing a young lady of gentle birth and little beauty can do: Dress in her brother’s clothes and enter a fencing competition, of course! She just needs to persuade her sworn enemy, Lord Kendrick, to help her do it. Hugo Kendrick is as cunning as he’s charming, scarred inside and out. Cassandra knows his help will come at a price – but the prize money could secure her sisters’ future, and that’s worth risking everything. She didn’t expect she’d be paying Hugo’s price with breathless moonlit kisses. Or that the only thing to drive her crazier than his mocking smile might be the glitter of starlight in his dark eyes. Or that he’d enter the tourney himself, just to spite her. No, wait. Perhaps she should have expected that. The treacherous cad! Swords clash, sparks fly, and before Cassandra knows it, the fencing trophy is no longer the only prize in contention. Hugo has his sights set on her. And he always fights to win.
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