Super Hot Supervisor
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Super Hot Supervisor by Mandy Harbin


When desire meets physical boundaries, it’s time to get a little creative…

Cassie Tucker is no stranger to deadlines, so when she gets assigned to a new project at the last minute, she knows the drill. It’s not until she discovers who the project leader is that she gets worried. The man is a legend in both the IT department and in the looks department. Like, seriously, he’s ridiculously gorgeous. There’s a reason the women at her firm have dubbed him The West Coast Hottie. Thankfully, he’s hundreds of miles away, so any ogling of her new boss will be masked by filters and slow internet connections.

Ian Cope is thrilled to be working with Cassie. Not only is she talented and smart, but there’s something about her that he’s never been able to ignore. If they worked in the same town, there’s no doubt he would’ve asked her out a long time ago, so getting put on the same project is a small victory he’ll gladly take. Then he learns the truth behind this assignment, and all his excitement crashes. Find a way to justify closing Cassie’s office while denying his attraction to her? Talk about a dream turning into a nightmare! There’s no way this is going to end well, especially when he crosses that line from professional to hot-and-heavy personal.

Ian and Cassie embark on a sensual path, learning the hard way just how cutthroat business can be …especially when it’s mixed with forbidden pleasure.

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*** A steamy, standalone contemporary, romantic comedy. First in series! Originally released as Digital Possession / Against Company Policy. Re-released and updated in 2020.***

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