Sunset on Whisling Island
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Sunset on Whisling Island by Julia Clemens


Just off the coast of Washington state, a visit to beautiful Whisling Island will change you. Its residents will give you reasons to laugh, cry, and rejoice. 
Bess Wilder's entire life changes with one sentence: "I'm so sorry, Bess." Her husband, Jon, has betrayed her, and she isn't sure what to do or feel. Her entire life was dedicated to Jon and her children. Everything is wrong and life feels like it will never be right. So what can she do? 
Perfect Olivia Birmingham is keeping a huge secret. Her marriage has been a sham for years. But as long as no one knows the truth, Olivia figures she can deal with the loneliness. It's the shame that she wouldn't be able to stand. But when the truth comes out at the worst time and place, Olivia has to move on, whether she likes it or not.
Deb Sterling, Bess's best friend, is there to pick up the pieces as Bess's entire world falls apart. While Deb tries to be strong for Bess, she reels from the betrayal in private. Especially because Deb's own marriage isn't in the most stable of places. Her husband has been temporarily living in London, thousands of miles from Deb and their home on Whisling Island. Deb feels the miles pulling them apart and is scared she'll suffer the same fate as Bess if things don't change.
Owning the best hair salon on the island gives Gen Redding a front-row seat to much of her hometown's ups and downs. But somehow, even in the midst of gossip central, Gen has been able to keep the terrible rift she and her husband experienced a few years earlier between just the two of them. Thankfully, they are now in a better place than ever. But when Levi is confronted by a skeleton from his past, Gen just might break.

Join the women of Whisling as they endure love and loss, but will they overcome it all? 

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