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Summer with the Soldier by Amy Lamont

Party girl Jade Roberts loves seeing her friends having fun. That’s the reason she challenged them to the bet that set them all off on wild adventures and helped them find true love. Seeing her friends so happy, Jade starts to think she might be missing something. But when she catches sight of the sexy guy stepping out on the beach at her summer kick off party, she begins to hope she’s found her own happily ever after. When it turns out that guy is Logan Murphy, a soldier home for R&R, not to mention her best friend’s older brother, she second-guesses her feelings. Right up to the moment when the friendship she and Logan always shared explodes into something she never expected. Will their night together be her dirty little secret or the beginning of a lifetime of love? * * * The Holiday Encounters Series: Christmas with the Billionaire (Book 1 ~ Emma & Nate) ~ Available Now Snowbound with the Biker (Book 2 ~ Katelyn & Hunter) ~ Available Now Getting Lucky with the Rock Star (Book 3 ~ Paige & Jared) ~ Available Now Summer with the Soldier (Book 4 ~ Jade & Logan) ~ Available Now In Love with the Billionaire (Book 5 ~ Emma & Nate) ~ Coming Soon
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