Suddenly Susan
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Suddenly Susan by Virginia Gray


To land her dream job, Susan’s only missing two things: experience and any sense of style.

Unremarkable might as well be Susan Wade’s middle name. Sure, her grades are fine, and her all-night diner job has taught her how to work hard, but it takes a lot more than a perky smile and dated suit to impress corporate America.

Broke and soon to be homeless, she faces the unappealing options of following her semi-boyfriend to the bowels of Texas or squatting in her parents’ basement, until she gets help from the unlikeliest of sources.

A refreshingly funny, supremely optimistic rite of passage story, rife with psychotic roommates, questionable fashion choices, and an epic search for the perfect cup of coffee

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New adult fiction is now a growing genre of fiction using protagonists in the 18-30 age bracket. In this genre, the publications are written for the age group of 18-30. New Adult is an emerging marketplace that attracts readers in their late teens and early twenties, which are too frequently missing from the pages of both Young Adult and Adult novels to the forefront. In this category, we generally saw some books on new situations and responsibilities that adults carry with them, how adults overcome their bad situations and some exciting stories that remind us about our adult phase.

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