Subchief Ranni
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Subchief Ranni by Crystal Dawn

Ranni is from a long line of strong Majuri warriors that run the empire. He finds everything easy and all the females want to be his chosen. Then he is sent to a human planet that has been attacked by a scavenger race and he is there to help. Why is the human female that has caught his interest running from him and doing it successfully? Kasey had a good life with a great job and her wonderful family. Suddenly her planet is attacked, her parents killed, and she and her two siblings are running for their lives from the desperate people around them willing to kill for food and a Majuri warrior who looks at her with a glint in his eye. She refuses to be his latest conquest and avoiding him has become the only fun in her life. When she finds the warrior isn't her biggest threat and he realizes she's in danger, can they forge a different relationship and stop playing cat and mouse?
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