Stubborn Spark
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Stubborn Spark by Jolie Vines


One snow party, two hot kisses. Three people who are more than happy to share.


Done with university, I’m home in the Highlands, and life is anything but chill. My best friend is here and so’s a gorgeous American lass, working at my family’s snowboarding centre.

On a wild night, both Brodie and I get to lock lips with Casey. Heat scalds us. Chemistry explodes.

The best thing? All of us want to share.


Blayne’s home, but not for long. If he wants this, I’ll do anything to make it happen. My life is falling apart, and I shouldn’t be risking my idiotic heart. Or our friendship.

I’m a carpenter and good with my hands. I can give them what they’re craving. Before both of them go and leave me behind.


A holiday romance is exactly what I need to take my mind off the disaster I fled in the States.

With the date looming for me to return, two hot Scots are ready to help me forget, and they aren’t going to make me choose.

So bring it, Highlander. You and your friend. I’m ready.


Stubborn Spark is the fifth and final book in the Wild Scots series and is suitable for a mature audience only. Features scenes of an extremely sexy nature with one lucky lass and two ultra-hot Scots.

Their HEA is hard fought, but guaranteed.

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