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Stolen Princess by Nikki Jefford

* Now includes the prequel novella: Enemies and Lovers. With her family on the verge of losing everything, Aerith Heiris competes in an elven tournament to become a princess of Faerie. More like a bodyguard! The royal family is full of wicked siblings and plotters. Prince Liri is the worst of all with his relentless obsession and ambition. Then there’s Jhaeros, the most arrogant, stuffy, insufferable elf she’s ever known. He’s the last male whose attention she expected to attract. Falling for him is a risk that could doom them both. It will take more than Aerith's skill with a bow and arrows to play the new game set out before her. To lose could cost her everything. * November 2019 update includes the prequel novella (Enemies and Lovers) originally published in The Monster Ball Anthology Year 1, which has been blended in as the first 7 chapters of Stolen Princess. (This is included in the audiobook as well.) Humorous enemies to lovers, steamy, fantasy romance for mature audiences. If you enjoy royal intrigue, cunning, rivalries, plot twists, elves and Fae then portal over to the Royal Conquest Saga.