Stolen Flame
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Stolen Flame by D.W. Marshall


This book is a fun, enticing and evocative read. The pace is steady yet suspenseful with several unexpected twists. It is easy to understand and empathize with the main character. — Amazon Reviewer

Not only was the story captivating but the descriptions in the book really made me feel as if I was there seeing everything through Flame's eyes! — Amazon Reviewer

My name is Vivian Marie Travis. Before I turned twenty-one, my future was shiny and bright. My two closest friends were throwing me a surprise birthday adventure and the fact that I was head over heels for one of them, the anticipation kept me up most nights. His name, Liam, and he was who I wanted to be my first. I’d fantasized for weeks about it, a threaded weave of passion that should have been the encore performance to an evening ripe with teasing, pranks, and surprises. Because we’re like that. Or, we were like that.

I never turned twenty-one. Not as Vivian. That life ended overnight. My name and everything that I looked forward to was stolen from me.

At first, I thought Liam was the one putting the hood over my head and dragging me from my bed the night before our big day. I never even entertained the notion of hoping it was him. I knew it was, but I was wrong. Had I known I made the list of seven young woman to be taken by Mason Wilde to participate in this years Chamber, they wouldn’t have taken me without a fight.

I soon learned the difference between granting consent and consent being stripped away. I soon learned the true meaning of performance—a presentation to an audience, an actor pretending to be someone and something else. Now I am Flame, and I live in a world of lights and shadows, a sequence of chambers and shame. However, hope still flickers deep inside of me, where she hides—where Vivian continues holding her breath, pleading, desperately trying to convince me that we will someday wake up from this nightmare. As long as she refuses to surrender, then neither will I.


Stolen Flame initiates readers into the dark captive romantic saga and astonishingly human characters surrounding and trapped inside The Chamber. While each book serves as a stand-alone read, Stolen Flame best orients the reader to the series.

With dramatic and emotional highs and lows, this steamy romance novel leans toward a happily-ever-after ending. 18+

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