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Stolen by The Fae King by Bailey Dark

“She’s beautiful. But she doesn’t care for me. If anything, she hates me. I watch her as she fidgets under my gaze, biting her plump lips. Those lips. I can’t decide if I should nibble on them or simply yell at her for frustrating me so thoroughly.” Almost a thousand years have passed since King Altair of the Fae kingdom Alnembra was cursed by Maaz, a Bloodbane witch. A beast by day and a Fae man by night, Altair is desperate to find the Key. Now, the curse has almost run its course, but not before he discovers the existence of a woman who could break the curse and save him and his people. Verity Chastain lives a normal life in New York City. On her wedding day, a beast swoops down from the sky to carry her into a world of fantasy and magic. Disbelieving and stubborn, Verity struggles to accept her new reality. She and Altair go head to head in this fantasy-fueled romance. Can she find a way to break his curse? Or will he die as the physical manifestation of his sadistic personality; a beast?
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