Stepbrother With Benefits
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"Friends with benefits, stepbrother with benefits, what's the difference?" "Um, we're not even friends, Ethan?" Rule #1 – It's only supposed to last for a week... Ethan is a cocky, arrogant jerk. He's always been that way. I'll never understand why girls trip over themselves just to be with him. Don't they realize he's going to ditch them in a week? Yes, he can be nice when he feels like it. It's true that he's ridiculously attractive, too. It's not like I want to stare at him when he walks around shirtless, but it's hard not to notice someone with a body made of rock-hard sculpted muscle and sin. He's got that panty-melting bad boy smile that makes you want to... Did I mention he's my stepbrother? Ick. What? You think I'm falling for him? Nope! It's impossible. There's only one problem... I might have accidentally, um... it was just one night, alright? One really good night. Panties? Yup, they're melted. It was a mistake, it doesn't mean anything. Sorry, there's two problems. Did I mention our parents are away and we're stuck home alone together for a week? I'm the responsible one. The good girl with perfect grades. And I'm trapped for a week with a bad boy who showed me what it's like to give in to my wild side. What's the worst that can happen?
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“The world was hers for the reading.” ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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