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Steal My Heart, Trevor by Barbara Lohr

While Trevor helps Bryn rescue the diamondback turtles, her grade school friend secretly plans to steal her heart. Marriage is in the air but not for Bryn Peachum. Her friend Emily’s getting married and Bryn wants that dream too...but not with her current boyfriend. It’s breeding season and she’s got turtles on her mind, not men. When her diamondback nests are ravaged by critters, good friend Trevor Daniels, now a marine biologist, steps up to help. Soon his little girls fall in love with the turtles and Bryn, although his socialite mother works against them. Since his divorce, Trevor’s kept busy in his lab while raising his adorable twins. No way will he ever marry again, since his wife abandoned them, much like the mama turtles that walk away from their nest. But Bryn and her turtles need him. The coastal waters aren’t the only thing heating up as Trevor works to rescue Bryn’s turtles, while he secretly plots to steal her heart. This is a sweet romance, second book in the Best Friends to Forever series, set in Sweetwater Creek, where close friendships sometimes lead to forever.
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