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Stand By Your Man by Bobby Hutchinson

WHAT'S A NICE GAL LIKE MADDIE DOING IN A MESS LIKE THIS? In this humorous romantic mystery, Maddie's a private detective, her father's a retired cop, and her sister Francie's in love with criminal. Francie wants Maddie to prove Sebastian's innocent, but the Seattle Police have proof that he's guilty. And who wants their sister married to a bad guy? Sebastian's brother, Finn, has hired Maddie to find out the truth and set his brother free. Finn makes Maddie's blood boil and her bells ring--and she's truly, madly, deeply in love with his little daughter, Zoe. And she's pretty certain Sebastian is guilty as charged, so she’s trying her best not to find evidence to the contrary. She's doing the exact opposite of what Finn hired her to do, betraying the guy she—well, the guy she’s supposed to be working for, the guy she just might, maybe, almost be falling for. Maddie's parental units as well as the cops and the judge, all want Sebastian safely in jail, and Francie somewhere safe-like a nunnery? And they want Maddie to make it happen. Can a good honest detective play both ends against the middle without getting hoist on her own petard? Can everyone in this mess get their heart's desire and live happily ever after? AUTHOR INTERVIEW: What made you write this book? I found this little note on the street, unsigned. It said, "Don't judge me until you know the truth, Larry." Intriguing, no? So I had to write a book where little notes were a subplot. And thus Maddie and her mad family were born. Favorite character? Maddie's farting dog, Watson I wouldn't want to own him, but he's a charmer. Who could resist a basset hound with a leather fetish? Other books in this series: Are You Lonesome Tonight? Make Me A Match Join me on Facebook and tell me about your favorite characters: