Spinster Mail Order Bride And Her Conflicted Man

What can a spinster mail order bride hope for? Plenty of luck.

An unlucky Vivian Reed ends up in a strange town after the mail order bride agency fumbled with its paperwork.

David Black, the man who shows up to get Vivian, is not her intended husband. David wants to fulfill her ailing mother’s dream of seeing grandchildren filling the house before she passes on. And David’s ‘perfect match’ is supposed to arrive as he has corresponded with a woman who has three children.

Instead, the mail order bride Vivian has no children, is a spinster and totally mismatched by the agency.

Now, David has no choice but to enlist the help of Vivian to fulfill the last wishes of his mother.

But can Vivian and David realize they are actually meant for each other? Or will they see the whole situation as one big mistake?

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