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Spark A Little Flame by Jennifer Archer

RITA AWARD finalist Jennifer Archer delivers a story that’s “passionate & funny…a paranormal romance that’s a change from the same old time travel or magical creature scene...” - All About Romance J.T. Drake: It’s not easy to seduce a woman who can’t see me. But if I weren’t invisible, prim and proper Rosy Peabody would probably have even less of an interest in me. At least as her science experiment, I have her undivided attention & unlimited opportunities to try to win her affection or to at least make her react in a way that tells me I’ve sparked her temper. So maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to have my image restored . . . Rosy Peabody: It’s not easy to ignore my tingling nerve-endings whenever J.T. & I touch. I keep telling myself that they’re only the after-effects of his electrified state, but lately, just the thought of him provokes the same reaction in me. I wouldn’t give a cocky guy like J.T. a moment of my time if not for the fact that I’m partially responsible for his condition and quite possibly the only person capable of reversing it. And now I can’t help wondering . . . if J.T. ever materializes, will our sizzling chemistry disappear or spark a little flame? The perfect happily-ever-after book! If you love light comedy novels like Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood & The Honeymooners by Christina Lauren, & fun love stories with a bit of magic such as Wrong Side of Forty by Jana DeLeon, or romances with a touch of science like Love According to Science by Claire Kingsley, you’ll love Spark A Little Flame & the other titles in Jennifer Archer’s Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy Series! Watch for Dream A Little Dream, Make A Little Wish, & Be My Little Baby! Author’s note: Spark A Little Flame is Book 1 of the Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy Series. Each perfect escape read in this series about love & magic stands alone & can be read in any order. (Spark a Little Flame is a revised, updated version of Shocking Behavior by Jennifer Archer, originally published by Dorchester Publishing Company.) What readers are saying: “Jennifer Archer’s writing never fails to make me laugh out loud!” - Jodi Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author “Jennifer Archer has done it again in this spectacular piece of romantic fiction. Her innovative & humorous work will keep you reading until you can't keep your eyes open. This piece is so original you'll wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before!” - W.K. Larson “Fans of science fiction romance will enjoy the amusing storyline (that) cleverly blends the absentminded professor theme with elements from the romance genre. Jennifer Archer entertains sub-genre fans with an eccentric tale.” – H. Klausner “A humorous tale …throws several likable people into a bizarre situation & lets them make the best of it . . . Will be enjoyed by anyone who got science experiments wrong at school or who wishes they could be invisible for a day…” – C. O’Beara Editorial Reviews: “I didn't want to put (Spark A Little Flame) down, & when I had to, I returned to it as quickly as I could! Jennifer Archer puts a twist on the invisible man like one I've not seen before. Her creative humor makes the intriguing, fresh plot sparkle. A definite keeper!” – Crazy For Words “Archer captures the voices & vulnerabilities of her characters with precision.”- Publisher’s Weekly “...passionate & funny…I loved Rosy…a change from the same-old time travel or magical creature scene... I haven’t read such a good invisible man story since Anne Stuart’s Cinderman.” - All About Romance