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Sold To The Wolves by Casey Morgan

She needs me. I want her virginity. But my brother wants her too, and I have no intention of sharing. Love's Hollow is in flux. The old alpha of our wolf shifter pack is too old to be alpha. Either my brother or I is next in line, but we can't figure out who is more dominant. Because both of us are alpha AF. Our fighting just gets worse, and then Tina comes to us for help and money. A talented, sexy witch, Tina is all that I want in a woman. I have to have her and when I learn that she's a virgin, it's even better. Unfortunately, my brother is equally smitten, and he won't back down. As she dates us both, our aggressive natures just intensify till she can't take anymore. Our competitiveness causes our true love to make a dangerous choice. And it may take all our money to save her. Will we both lose the love of our lives forever? Or will my brother and I learn to share?
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