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Snowflakes and Sapphires by Kristina Beck

Christmas wishes come true in New York City… or maybe not. After a demanding career of living out of her suitcase, Sophia lands a dream job in New York City that will keep her in one place for six months. Being alone in a big city is nothing new for her but not during the holidays. When an irresistible jeweler appears in her life more than once, Christmas surprises pop up on every corner. Drew loses his creativity and holiday spirit just when he needs it the most. Then a snowstorm blows Sophia into his jewelry store, and a surge of inspiration follows. He is used to handling precious gems but nothing as priceless as she is. Even though they just met, their instant attraction turns into something more. But one event leads to betrayal, leaving Sophia once again alone and brokenhearted.Can the magic of Christmas bring them back together, or will one of them be left in the cold?
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