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Snowed In on Main Street by Kasey Stockton

She's trying to manage a hotel; he's trying to manage his fans. They are both snowed in with an ex. With Mia’s boss away for the holidays, she finally has a chance to prove herself worthy for the position of manager of the rustic Powder Peaks Lodge. But as a blizzard rolls into Hidden Hollow, the small town just outside of Park City, Utah, Mia is given far more than she bargained for in running the hotel—and avoiding her only VIP guest and ex-boyfriend, Elliot James. When TV star Elliot shows up to the hotel for his family’s annual Christmas ski vacation, he beats the incoming storm by mere hours—and his family by days. Cut off from the world, Elliot determines to help Mia deal with the guests and effects of the blizzard—even if she wants nothing to do with him. As Mia and Elliot put aside their past and work together to care for the inhabitants of Powder Peaks Lodge, will sparks fly under the mistletoe? Each book in the Christmas in the City series can be read as a stand-alone novel, but they each contain holiday themes and clean & wholesome content. Book one: His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend Book two: Snowed In on Main Street
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