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Snatched by Michael Arches

Two years ago, former prosecutor Athena Kazan barely survived a bullet to the forehead. Now, she's hiding in witness protection in Durango, Colorado. That is, until a random encounter with a pregnant woman who shoves a card into Athena’s hand. The card reads: Over forty women and girls—mostly pregnant—held prisoner! Five dead already. About an hour east of Durango. Call the FBI. Sheriff’s office corrupt. PLEASE HELP US! A looming thug with a poorly hidden pistol strongarms the pregnant woman into an SUV. Athena is too disabled to confront him, but she does memorize the license number. Then, panic rises in her throat. What if the plate is fake? Athena follows the SUV in her pickup while she calls the FBI and begs for help. The agent turns her down. He's too busy, and it sounds a local police problem. Fighting a terror Athena thought she’d never have to face again, she keeps following the SUV. Her instincts tell her to turn around and forget the whole horrible situation, but she knows she won't be able to live with herself if she gives up. Instead, she racks her brain, trying to find a way to help the women—without getting herself killed in the process. Here is a current listing of the books in the Vanished series: Book one—Snatched—Amazon ID B07ZHSFSFQ Book two—Nicked—available now—Amazon ID B08T5PF2WR Book three—Anointed—available on preorder now, to be released on February 5, 2021. Amazon ID B08T6NV52Z And thanks for reading my books!
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