Smolder: A Military Reverse Harem Romance
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I’m the only female smokejumper in Northern California. Fighting wildfires surrounded by sweaty, chiseled, ax-wielding hunks. I could usually ignore the gorgeous men around me... Until I met the three of them. Foxy, the tattoo-covered goofball who’s always making jokes--and who smiles like he wants to tell me a secret. Derek, the pretty-boy blond who has been flirting with me since jump school... And who harbors a dark past. Trace, the shredded six-foot-six weightlifter. Thighs like ripped tree trunks, with the ability to easily lift me with one arm. Now we’re all living in the same barracks. Eating together. Fighting wildfires together. Playing together. But if we’re not careful? Getting caught will be the least of our worries. Because the raging wildfires in California aren't the only dangers we face. Someone is sabotaging our gear. Sending us on missions too dangerous for normal smokejumpers. And if we don’t stop them soon? Our sizzling love affair will go up in smoke.
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