Size King
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Size King by S.C. Adams


He’s the big bad boss. The man who makes my heart rate go haywire while my temperature skyrockets. And oh yeah – he’s gorgeous, growly and tempting, and I’m definitely not supposed to want him.

Aiden Marx is the kind of man you can’t help but crave. The man is huge: at least six four, with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a perfectly cut vee that leads to …

Well, I shouldn’t go there.

After all, I’m a junior PR analyst at Mr. Marx’s firm. He hired me to put a positive spin on even the most disastrous scenarios. But when the gorgeous billionaire comes into my office late one night asking for some dictation assistance …

He does more than dictate…

… And I do more than take notes.

But there’s a reason why they call Mr. Marx the King. He’s not just a king at work, but he’s also a size king exactly where it matters most.

Warning: High heat ahead. Take your sweater off and get settled on the couch for a rollicking good time that will leave you craving more. Not responsible for singed couch cushions and items nearby spontaneously bursting into fire.

HEA guaranteed with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

This collection contains three books: Making Her Mine, The Mountain Man’s Secret Baby, and Single Biker Daddy.

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