Single Daddy Seduction
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Single Daddy Seduction by Angel Devlin


Forbidden never tasted so good.


He’s my daddy’s best friend, and he took a huge chance on me. I wasn’t meant to thank him by falling into his bed, I was just meant to care for his twins. But my life has just imploded and he’s the only good thing I’ve got right now.


She’s my best friend’s daughter. Completely off-limits and yet I simply can’t resist. I need her to look after my babies, but I want her for myself. She’s the first good thing to come into my life since my wife died.

But is our forbidden romance our chance at a fresh start or will we be forced apart before it even begins?

The HOT DADDY Series

#1 Hot Daddy Sauce (Leah & Jenson)
#2 Baby Daddy Rescue (Kaylie & Aiden)
#3 The Daddy Dilemma (Reese & Brandon)
#4 Single Daddy Seduction (Sarah & Emmett)
#5 The Daddy Package (Scott & Suki)

Wishing you lots of reading enjoyment, love Angel & Tracy xo

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