Single Dad FILF: Fireman I’d like to….
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Rescuer. Savior. Alpha I've been accused of all of the above but I'm no hero. Just a regular joe firefighter and single dad to my daughter. Until the night I carry the bare-a$$ed girl out of the blaze and something ignites in me. I'm bowled over by a backdraft of desire I can't control. Lainie sparks an inferno with her feisty mouth and luscious lips. Her perfect curves detonate my hunger to possess her. But she's tangled in a web of deceit and I have my kid to consider. Add possessive and obsessive to my personality traits because I can't get Lainie's perfect little body out of my head and into my bed. How can I convince the little spitfire that this Daddy is going to be her forever protector? * * * Time to get hot with another in the FILF Firefighter HotShot series from Savannah. 50,000 words to melt your reader. All standalone, all HEA, all steamy.
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