Single Dad CEO
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Single Dad CEO by Lara Swann

Kenneth Stark. Billionaire CEO. Sexy Single Dad. At least, that’s what they want to see. I don’t tell anyone it’s all falling apart. My little girl needs more than my divided attention – we both do. Someone to make us a family again. But with my billion dollar fortune, I can't trust anyone I date. Except maybe the one girl who wants nothing to do with me at all. Jessica Reynolds. Ten years ago, I broke her heart… Now she’s back. My new secretary. The same sexy curves, sparkling humor and gorgeous smile...with a new distrust in her eyes. I guess she’s not over what happened all those years ago. The more I see of her…the more I think I’m not either. It’s a bad idea. She’s hurt and scared, with her own problems. I’ve got my daughter to think of - and a damn harassment lawsuit to deal with. This isn’t the time to be fantasizing about my new secretary. But then I see her with my little girl. Laughing and playing together. Everything I’ve always wanted. And none of that matters anymore. I want her back. I want a family. And I always get what I want. I made a mistake all those years ago. Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to win her back. And this time, I won’t let anything get in our way. Single Dad CEO is a full length standalone romance with no cheating or cliffhangers - and a guaranteed HEA!
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