Sinful Enemy
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Sinful Enemy by Vivian Wood

To love, honor, and disobey. I didn’t mean to marry flashy billionaire Luca Leone one drunken night. He may be the hottest guy I know, but he’s still a total jerk. His sly smile, his huge bank account, and his incredible body just don’t make up for how cruel he can be. Once our drunken haze wears off, he has a proposition for me. Stay married for two months, just until his ex’s wedding. And he offers something I really need: ten thousand dollars to save my family home. The only issue is that I’m forced to spend time with him, at his house and at his bar, often late into the night. Soon our feisty arguments turn into the hottest hookups of my life. I can’t resist him. Once I get past his prickly exterior, Luca is just plain smoking hot. We are both hung up on our mutual pasts, not ready for the flame growing between us. But we are about to come face to face with the fire we’ve ignited...
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