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Showtime Rendezvous by C.K. Wiles

Devon eyed me with a rueful smile. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were doing the ol' spill wine on my shirt so I'd have to take it off trick." The last place Kristin wanted to land her first accounting job was a theater. The last person she expected to see there was her first heartbreak, Devon Dashner. A gallon of hair dye and a decade of practicality are enough to disguise her identity, but Devon’s boyish personality and constantly shirtless body has Kristin wanting to work his payroll between the spreadsheets all over again. Torn between rejection and her desire to avoid living out of a cardboard box, Kristin sets out to do her job and keep her identity, and her libido quiet. Except there's a problem. In a theater filled with costume parties, lavish libations, and the occasional unwitting voyeurism, keeping her secret won’t be easy.
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