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A town in tragedy is a town in need of a hero. Ranch hand Samson Stockton and Sheriff Amis were almost at the town’s borders, both of them on their horses and loaded with guns and ammunition. Samson had his Smith & Wesson New Model 3, as well as a Colt Frontier, chambered for the .44-40 Winchester. The sheriff also carried two Colt Peacemakers on him, and an old Sharps ’67. Between them, they had enough rounds to take out a small village, even though Samson would do anything to avoid a fight at that point. They were simply trying to find their hideout – Stels McHuay’s hideout – so that they could come up with a plan. McHuay and his gang are ruthless with a simple plan: kidnapping and violating young women. The women’s pleas and cries mean nothing to the gang, not when they can smell the money that the women can bring them. When Samson gets in McHuay’s way, McHuay sees only one way to get what he wants. He must have Samson killed. But Samson has help from the brave though inexperienced sheriff, as well as from a young, feisty lady Avie Hearst.