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Shoot for the Stars by Rachael Eliker

Vanessa de la Paz always gets what she wants…until she can’t have her best friend, Harrison. Determined to make it big as a pop singer, Vanessa wants to do it on her own, without her father’s bank account paving the way. Met with a dead end at every turn, she’s ready to admit defeat. Almost. A last-minute tryout for a singing competition lands her on a reality show she’s sure is going to change her life. Harrison is far from the type of man Vanessa typically dates, but once the contest kicks into gear, Vanessa realizes there’s something special about the wardrobe stylist. Too bad she’s not the only one to notice Harrison’s adorable smile and endearing quirks: another singer with artificially enhanced lips, cheap hair extensions, and the determination to win at any cost swoops in and steals away Harrison’s affections. Oh, it’s on. Vanessa knows winning the competition is on the line, but persuading Harrison that she’s the one for him would be the biggest prize of all.
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