Shifter Vengeance
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Shifter Vengeance by Jack Bowman


If I thought my mom's death of a heart attack was tragic, it had nothing on the death of my aunt at the hands of a shapeshifter.

I set out for revenge against the shifter, with the image of it eating my aunt's heart in front of me constantly playing and replaying in my mind. But I didn't have a single clue as to how to find and kill the shapeshifter.

Enter Derek Bentley, a hot hunk of burning love I met in school who I discover to be a werewolf. But unlike the shapeshifter, who's out for more blood and finish me off, Derek wanted to protect and help me avenge my aunt's death.

We team up together to fight and kill this shapeshifter as I slowly, but surely, start to fall in love...with a monster.

SHIFTER VENGEANCE is the first book in Jack Bowman's debut wolf shifter series. It's a full-length paranormal romance you don't want to miss about a girl falling in love with an alpha-worthy wolf while battling a shapeshifter.

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