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Shamed by a cruel man, a privileged city girl does the unthinkable… becoming a mail order bride. Odette Finch is a woman of means but, when her parents order her to marry a wealthy, though aggressive and cruel man, she refuses. Her only way out is to flee west and try to live the life of romance and adventure. Becoming a mail order bride seems to offer that. Wyatt Owens is a man running from his past. But the town’s sheriff does not trust an ex-outlaw. Wyatt needs help if he is going to leave behind his criminal past in an effort to find a normal life. He needs a bride. When Wyatt and Odette meet, they realize that they have entirely different expectations for their lives together. Odette is still mourning the loss of her privileged, beautiful life back east and Wyatt is struggling to keep his past hidden from the beautiful woman living in his home. Just when romance is finally in the air, a man shows up with the power to ruin both their lives forever. How will Odette and Wyatt overcome all odds to stay together?