Shadows in Deep Blue
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Shadows in Deep Blue by Suzanne Cass


“…superbly written, filled with danger, suspense and romance.”

She’s drowning.
He risks his life to rescue her.
But that’s just the beginning…

It’s Ebony McAllister’s fortieth birthday and desperate to banish the demons haunting her from the past, she dives into the cold water of the Indian Ocean. Running from the burden of an abusive husband and an abandoned child, she drifts through life like a gypsy.

Retired Army captain, Jay Connolly is surfing nearby and rescues Ebony from the angry water. Carrying physical and mental scars from his time in Afghanistan, he’s settled in this coastal town hoping to escape recurring nightmares. Jay keeps his romantic involvements easy and non-committal, usually with the blonde surfer girls around town, but against his better judgement, he finds himself attracted to this wild, dark woman full of mysteries.

When Ebony catches a glimpse of a man who reminds her of her violent ex-husband, she knows it’s time to move on. Then a young woman comes to her clinic for Reiki treatment and Ebony’s life starts to unravel when she realises it’s the daughter she left behind twenty-two years ago. Will she stay and face the truth to protect her daughter from her vicious father? Or will she do the only thing she knows to keep her safe? Run away.

Suzanne Cass’ small town mystery abounds with danger, desire and suspense, set along the beautiful but wild coastline of Western Australia.

Get Shadows in Deep Blue today if you love an intriguing thriller with romance at its core.

Each book in the Colours of the Earth Series can be read as a STANDALONE:
* Shadows in the Dust
* Shadows in Deep Blue
* Shadows of Red Earth
While the characters overlap, each book tells a different, separate story with a happy ever after ending.

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