See Beneath Your Beautiful
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See Beneath Your Beautiful by Eunice Nascimento


She swore she’d never fall in love. But can she resist his charm?

Struggling with her traumatic past and having sworn off the idea of romance forever, Libby Thompson has dedicated her life to her career. She’s built the perfect life for herself – and she refuses to let any man ruin it. But when she stumbles upon the ruggedly handsome and strangely magnetic Noah Rodrigo at a party, an attraction begins to simmer that both allures and terrifies her.

As a successful property developer, Noah isn’t afraid of fighting for what he wants – and the moment he set eyes on Libby, he feels something undeniable between them. Despite this blue-eyed beauty’s hesitation, Noah can’t stand letting her slip between his fingers… and he has the perfect plan for sweet-talking her into his life.

Thrown head-first into a scary and passionate romance that Libby swore she’d never allow herself to get tangled up in, the budding couple soon find themselves caught between their radically different cultures. Can Libby overcome the ghosts of her past and find the courage to commit her heart to a man? Or will Noah learn that the business of love is beyond anyone’s control?

Perfect for fans of charming and sweet romance tales, Libby and Noah’s passionate adventure is a gripping read that will keep you hooked from the very first page. 

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