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Seducing the Ice Queen by Elizabeth Drake

Ice queens can’t be hurt because they have no feelings. They also can’t fall in love…or so they tell themselves. Having to pretend everything is fine after being jilted by the crown prince was bad enough, but now, Lady Daniella is being exiled to a distant castle 'to recover.' Except, her exile happens to include an order from the king to investigate the murder of the castle's former owner, the old Duke of Westlake. At least she’d never been in love with the old Duke of Westlake. Too bad she can’t say the same thing about his brother, the dashing heir apparent just returned from battle. But facing down an awkward childhood crush who is just as determined as she is to unravel the mystery is the least of Daniella’s worries. Someone in the shadows is watching her. Someone who doesn't want to her to solve this murder. Someone that’s already killed once to buy silence. Someone who will force Daniella to choose whether love will be what defeats her or the only thing that could save her…if only she will let it.
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