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Seduced by the Sea Lord by Starla Night

Tattooed warriors are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race! I pulled a warlord’s injured body out of the ocean. And now he’s telling me a crazy story that I refuse to believe. Warlord Torun is convinced that I’m his soul mate. That I’m destined to become a mermaid queen and bear his children. This couldn’t be right. I can’t even have a child. I’m a divorced human who has no money in the bank. No grand plans for the future. And no intentions of being with a tattooed warrior. Except that I’m in too deep now. Torun’s gold tattoos have hypnotized me. His gorgeous lips are all too kissable. And he’s in danger. Torun tells me that I’m the only one who can save him. Not just him, but the entire race of mermen. My queen powers are about to determine my fate. And the fate of a deep and dangerous secret… Dive in to the first novel in the bestselling Lords of Atlantis series. This complete novel with a happy ending features steamy shifter love scenes, underwater gun fights, and a giant female octopus named Mr. Huggles. One-click now to fall in love with these warriors of the sea.
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