Secrets & Lace
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Secrets & Lace by Jamie Merrick


When the sweetest heartthrob in Hollywood gets caught on camera doing something naughty and fun, everyone is buzzing.

Rory never planned on his act for the charity event going viral. In fact, the flirty number with the teasing lingerie was never meant to be filmed at all, much less uploaded to every social media platform on the planet. But with his feisty, take-charge wife Abby by his side, he knows together they can handle anything… well, almost anything.

As rumors and bullets start to fly, they know it’s time to call in the cavalry… their security guard and friend, Braxton. He might not understand everything about their life, but there’s just something about the private hunk of a man that makes both of them feel safe… and maybe wanted as well.

When truths are finally revealed and secrets come to light, it will take trust and love to bring three strong souls together.

From the Author: This MMF romance comes from the dirty mind of an author who watched a certain video on a popular lip-sync show entirely too many times. This sweet romance has mild BDSM, a man in sexy lingerie, his feisty wife, and man who’s more openminded than he seems.

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